Running Raw Around Australia update: Smoothies, sandflies and Sunrise TV!

These veteran vegan athletes are more than 70 marathons into their epic challenge to run a marathon a day in 2013; circumnavigating Australia to raise awareness and funds for Animals Australia and other charities. Animals Australia grabbed a few minutes with the busy pair to find out how they're going so far.


PUBLISHED ON: 14 March 2013

When a travel log entry includes the phrase "late start, 6am", you know the people involved are pretty determined. But if you've already heard about Alan Murray and Janette Murray-Wakelin's inspiring plan to run around the country for charity, this probably comes as no big surprise!

Janette and Alan enjoying dinner

When we checked in with Janette recently, she told us that their journey is going well — although running in extreme heat and coping with seemingly unstoppable sandflies has been very challenging. The wonderful people she and Alan are meeting along the way, and the tremendous positive response they are receiving through their Facebook page is proving a great source of motivation for them. Highlights so far include chance animal encounters like "watching a herd of cows rounding up a mob of kangaroos before running over to the fence to greet us" and a lost little bird they kindly helped back to a tree.

A delicious morning fruit smoothiePlenty of fresh fruit and vegies are keeping this raw vegan duo in fine form, with delicious smoothies and meals like healthy raw pumpkin pasta giving them the energy they need to keep running. They even have enough to share with friendly locals, like this little sugar glider who helped them finish their watermelon!

Alan and Janette's unflagging optimism and good humour is also helping them run through painful bruised ribs, heavy rain-- and lots and lots of roadworks.

Appearing on Sunrise TV and other media outlets along the way means they're also helping to inspire many other people with their conscious, kind and healthy way of life.

On February 16 they achieved their own personal best ultra endurance running record of 51 consecutive marathons covering 2187.378 kilometres — so every step over the next nine months will be a new personal best for them.

Alan and Janette broke their personal best of 51 consecutive marathons on February 16 2013

You can follow Janette and Alan's amazing adventure through their regular updates and photos on Facebook. And if you'd like to help them raise funds for animals, you can make a donation to Animals Australia through their website.

Inspired? You can set yourself a challenge to raise funds for Animals Australia too! Just head to our online fundraising page -- it's really simple to get going.

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