Oxford study shows what a vegan world could look like ...

Oxford study shows what a vegan world could look like ...
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Research shows that eating plant-based foods is the single most powerful thing we can do for human health and the environment.


LAST UPDATED: 26 July 2017

An Oxford study has found that if the whole world stopped eating animals, the impacts on public health and global warming would be astronomical. The research showed that by eating plant-based, by 2050 we could prevent 8.1 million human deaths per year, save US$1 trillion in health care and cut greenhouse emissions by 70%. Add to this the countless animals' lives that would be spared, and the world looks like a much cleaner, healthier, kinder place.

But how does eating plants make a difference?

Human lives saved

Meat consumption has been linked to cancer, diabetes, heart disease, stroke and obesity. These four medical conditions account for millions of deaths every year. Every meat-free meal is doing your body good.

Money saved

Plant-based eating makes for healthier people which results in less money spent on healthcare. Or in other words, more money to be spent on other important stuff!

Greenhouse gas emissions dramatically reduced

Animals raised for human consumption not only contribute more to global warming than all of the world's transport combined, they consume more food than they produce, use more water and create more waste than plant-based foods.

Animals saved

Billions of animals are bred every year, just to be killed and eaten. Around two-thirds of these animals live a lifetime of suffering in factory farms. Eating plant-based meals means no animals need to feel pain or fear for your food.

Since we can lead healthy, happy, fulfilling lives without harming those who share this world with us, why wouldn't we?Lyn White

So what's stopping us?

Nothing. With every meal, you have the choice to save animals, protect the environment and do your body a favour. And it's delicious! Try a meat-free recipe today.



Track your impact!

You can now see the difference your meat-free meals are having, including forest saved, greenhouse gases avoided and animals lives spared, using this beautifully designed app. Take the Darwin Challenge and whether you're having 1, 3, 5 or 7 meat-free days per week, you'll see the powerful impacts your choices are having. You can even invite friends and combine your efforts to create a greener, kinder world.

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