Top 5 reasons to try meat-free in 2014

If you can top our top five reasons, you could WIN yourself a sample of the tasty new range from leading meat-free brand — Fry's Family Foods!


PUBLISHED ON: 25 July 2014

Whether you love animals, want to get healthy or are keen to be green, there are so many great reasons to try meat-free. And with the range of convenient meat-free options only growing, there's never been a better time than now!

We're excited because Fry's Family Foods has just launched a new range that is now available in the cold section at Woolworths — including deli slices, sausages, 'meaty' curries and more.

To celebrate we're highlighting our top 5 reasons to try meat-free... and if you can top our top 5, you could win one of five sample packs of the tasty new Fry's range!

Reason 1 to try meat-free: Because everyone wants to live a long life.

When Samuel L. Jackson decided to be vegan he said it was because he was 'trying to live forever'. While that might be ambitious, going meat-free can reduce your risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and some types of cancer.

Reason 2 to try meat-free: Because everyone wants to live a long life.

Lexy (pictured above) and other animals raised for food are individuals with their own likes, interests, and personalities. Simply by choosing to take animals off your plate, you can help protect individuals like Lexy from the fear and cruelty in factory farms and slaughterhouses.

Reason 3 to try meat-free: Because we only have one planet.

Livestock production has been linked to the biggest environmental problems facing us today. Choosing meat-free can save water, save land, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect the planet for future generations.

Because you won't always win friends with salad, but you will with meals like these.

With so many meat-free options now available, making your favourite meals animal-friendly is a cinch. But don't stop there! You can discover a whole new world of mouthwatering cruelty-free recipes at, and download Fry's free recipe e-book for even more simple and tasty meal ideas.

Reason 5 to try meat-free: Because everyone wins!

This is the bottom line. Since we can live happy healthy lives without harming others, why on Earth wouldn't we?

That's of course not all. So we'd like to throw the challenge open: do you think you can top our top reasons? Share your best reason to try meat-free, and go in the running to win one of five sample packs of the delicious new vegan Fry's range! (Entries close 31st August.)

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