Animals Australia I wanted to share a little challenge with you. World Veg Week begins soon, and I'd like to invite you to join me in making a difference for animals and the planet by going veg for the week. It's easy! Read the message below to get started.

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"Vegetarian as a general concept is a brilliant thing... We've got to stop eating so much meat. We are eating too much meat." -- Jamie Oliver

How would you like to save 2 animals' lives next week? World Vegetarian Week is just around the corner (October 1st - 7th), and we're inviting you to join the celebrations!

International Vegetarian Week
International Vegetarian Week
Going veg is the ultimate way to oppose animal cruelty. Did you know that the average vegetarian saves 100 animals every year with their compassionate eating? That's around 2 animals saved each week!
Take the Pledge!

Recipe: chickpea curryRecipe: LasagneRecipe: Roast Pumpkin Laksa

Are we making you hungry? Grab a recipe or three and start planning your week of delicious cruelty-free cuisine now!

We sincerely hope you'll join us and thousands of others who are taking the International Veg Week Challenge to go meat-free for the week. To make the week a total breeze, check out these delicious meal ideas, easy shopping guide, and the veg week messageboard, where other challengers are keen to share stories, tips and advice. Thinking of joining in? Drop us a message -- we'd love to hear how you go!

We wish you a happy and delicious Veg Week!

From the Animals Australia Team

P.S. Already Veg? Fantastic! Why not challenge a friend to go meat-free for the week and double your impact for animals and the planet!
What Others Are Saying...
"Since going veg, I've felt great. And knowing I'm helping animals is just an added bonus."
-- Bek, Beulah Park, SA
"Meat production puts more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere than transport... Changing diets is something one should consider."
-- Rajendra Pachauri (Chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change)

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