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If you happen to be the first among your family or friends to go veg, making the pledge might seem like a solitary experience. But you’re not alone! If you have a question, want to share your story, or have some time tested advice to offer to new vegetarians, please post your message here... Post Message
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Isabella: Proud Wednesday, 17 August 2016 at 8:17pm
I'm 15 and I've been a vegetarian for over a year now. It was a personal decision and although my parents disagree with it, it's the best decision I've ever made. It's not hard like people say it is. I don't miss meat, nor do I miss being a murderer. I was always taught that it was normal to eat meat but with my own research I decided I'm going to become vegan as soon a possible. I'm proud of what I've done for myself and animals that deserve a life. If it takes me a million years, I will make a difference.
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Frank: Fluffy animal idealists Tuesday, 2 August 2016 at 6:21pm
I live in one of the areas in Australia that basically has one industry. Beef cattle. At present the unemployment rate is 9.6%. and the meatworks, the only major industry in the area, can only manage to give their workers 4 days work a week.
My 15 year old Grand daughter asked me to sponsor her to give up meat for a week. Of course I refused.
The New.South.Wales. government has just announced closing down the greyhound racing industry in the state much to the delight of idealists like yourselves.
When you get rid of your inbred cats and dogs with all their genetic problems. When you can stop people boiling live seafood to death. When you campaign to stop the use of 1080 and Brodifacoum. When you can  stop people teaching kids to live bait fish on prime time T.V. then call me.We can then discuss how you (not the farmers) can pay for the lifestyle that you now currently enjoy.
Try standing outside McDonalds and paying people to stay away and see what happens.
The use of vulnerable children to "push your idealistic Wheelbarrow" is a disgrace.
Edwardson: Willing to be vegetarian Thursday, 12 November 2015 at 11:24pm

Lately I have been watching and reading a lot of documentaries about how animals suffer in farms. I have made up my mind that I am ready to be a vegetarian but my environment somewhat does not offer lots of choices especially here in my country where being a vegetarian will be a challenge especially when thinking of what to buy and how to make meals.
david lomas: slaughter house Friday, 25 September 2015 at 5:52am
I was reading something about the way thy have been using gas to put pigs to sleep but the Co2 gas level is to high and the pigs suffer it should be only 20 present Co2 so the pigs cannot smell the gas and go to sleep with no panic but the slaughter houses in Australia put it up to 60 to 80 present and the pigs suffer even free range pigs thy have a great life but then thy have to go throw pain at the end if I was a free range farmer I would wont to do something about this why don't we start a pertishion with all the free range farmers to send to the slaughter houses if thy don't lisen we open a free range slaughter house where animals will be killed the right why I think thy would lisen then because thy would lose to much money I will be the first in line to pay for this slaughter house to be built sorry about the spelling.and I would just like to say what a great job you are doing.
e: e Thursday, 18 June 2015 at 2:51pm
: Wednesday, 6 May 2015 at 5:37pm
Heinz: Vaccines are made from chicken embryos Saturday, 25 April 2015 at 11:54pm
Anne Green: Going veg a no-brainer Friday, 3 October 2014 at 2:18am
I'm probably what they call a "flexitarian" in that I do eat meat, but can happily dispense with it. I really enjoy meals without meat and if the effort to go without for a week can save the lives of just two animals, there's no reason to hesitate and plenty of reason to adopt it as a longer term habit.
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Josh Davis: Vege for life! Thursday, 2 October 2014 at 8:47am
I've been vegetarian for over 6 years now, since I was 16. I used to eat takeaway chinese, hamburgers, fish & chips, big steaks and ribs at restaurants, you name it. It was what all my family did, and eventually I got sick of eating what my parent's told me to eat! I was overweight and unfit. Combined with regular exercise, in 6 months after going vegetarian I lost about 20kg, and have remained around 65kg since. Probably the best decision I have made so far in my life. I have not looked back and love it! I love cooking, and never have a problem cooking delicious vegetarian and mostly organic (if I can source it all) meals at home.
Chuan: Being vegetarian is the best decision ever made! Wednesday, 1 October 2014 at 7:32am
My partner and I turned vegetarian a year ago and we felt healthier and happier. It's a great feeling to know that we can save 100 animals each year. We will continue to be vegetarian. Plus, I haven't have a cold this year....
Cin: Easy peazy veggie %uD83D%uDC95 Wednesday, 1 October 2014 at 10:30pm
I have been a vegetarian for over 2 years now and it's the best decision I have ever made! Animals are the most innocent things on this planet and deserve the most love and respect!
jayda: VEG Thursday, 11 September 2014 at 9:27pm
hi im jayda i have been a vegan for a couple months and i love it and we dont have the right to kill and eat animals so take the plegde to go veg
Beck: Australian pig farmers Monday, 18 August 2014 at 7:30am
Hi everyone. I was recently horrified by some video footage of really inhumane pig farming I love pigs, they are really intelligent, very clean and  sociable.
I went o the aussie pig farmers website to see what they had to share about the industry. They are claiming that animal welfare activists broke into their farm early in the morning. Before they had fed the pigs which is why the pigs were distressed.
Anyway I asked them if they had any evidence for their claim and also sent this link which exposes australian pig farms

I am waiting for their response.
Margaret: Go Vegans Monday, 2 June 2014 at 2:58am
Go Vegans- it is the most natural thing in our world.  It promotes compassion, patience and well-being for everything livng being on this, our planet.
Jalen Lumia: Stop this once and for all Thursday, 22 May 2014 at 6:06am
It is easy and you are helping the animlas and it us healthy
Teisha: Vegetarian 4 LIfe Monday, 19 May 2014 at 4:28pm
I have been a vegetarian for nearly two years and I have never felt healthier, I have also cut back on dairy and eggs, it breaks my heart to see animals treated with such disrespect.
I have not eaten meat for 30 years.  This is a decision based on my total aversion to the cruelty and mistreatment of animals, the world over.  My health has not suffered from lack of meat, in fact, I am healthier and fitter than when I did consume meat as a younger person.  For me, this is a life-long commitment, as a demonstration of my love and support of all animals.
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Kate: 16 years old Monday, 12 May 2014 at 2:36am
Hi my name is Kate and i'm 16 years old.
I was born vegetarian and was the first in my family to turn vegan by age 9. Shortly after my mother followed, 2 years later my brother turned vegan and now my dad has just turned vegan.
I am very proud of who i am and even if my friends and other people at school and out of school think i'm crazy, that's their problem. I know i am making a difference to the animals, the environment and world poverty. Being vegan doesn't disadvantage me at all, i am in the state tennis team and play musical instruments and win the schools cross country every year. Being vegan makes me feel good and i would never stop being a vegan.
Faye: Easy to be vegan Saturday, 10 May 2014 at 2:31am
I became vegetarian when I was 8 which is over 40 years ago. I became vegan about 8 years ago once I learnt that the dairy and egg industries are just as cruel as the meat industry, even worse in some ways.

It really is very easy to eat cruelty free, delicious, healthy, fresh food.
Kevin: Very Happy Vegan Saturday, 10 May 2014 at 8:36pm
Hello. I have been Vegan since New Years Day this year. I went to the doctor recently to discuss my blood test elevated cholesterol is back to normal and my type 2 diabetes is no longer evident. Doctor said keep doing what you are doing. My weight and waistline are back to what they were when I was 21....I am 66. I am a very happy Vegan!
Travy: Meat-free, Happy and Healthy Saturday, 10 May 2014 at 3:21pm
I've slowly been migrating towards a totally #meatfree diet over the years and am now totally #meatfree. And I'm Healthy and Happy.
Fran: Lead by example Friday, 9 May 2014 at 9:37am
I've been vegetarian for about 10 years and vegan for the last two.  It's been a lot easier than I thought.... reading labels is now second nature and there is pretty nearly always something you can substitute in traditional recipes to make food cruelty free.  I have a policy of live and let live but when people see what happens to factory farmed animals in terms of how they're raised and how they die, I wonder how anyone can still eat meat or dairy products and not feel sick.  I don't push my veganism down people's throats but I've been in places where I've cooked for very diverse groups of people; most are amazed that vegan food can still be really tasty and have even asked for recipes.  maybe there's hope yet!
Sarah Avery: Saving animals Friday, 9 May 2014 at 5:36am
I read that I could save 100 animals a year if I went meat-free so I've saved about 250 so far, it's a great feeling. All I see now when I look at meat is an animal in a factory farm in pain. I would love some time with those people with electric prods who abuse animals - I could teach them a thing or two about why you don't use them on anything living! I encourage anyone who really loves animals to just try not eating meat, there are so many fabulous alternatives now. My personal favourite is mushroom burgers, they are scrumptious!
Nicky: Making the change to ethical consumerism Friday, 9 May 2014 at 1:23am
I have been vegetarian for 10 years and in the last two months have made the switch to dairy free (I do still eat eggs). Recently my diet has been turned up side down with a number of digestive problems and I have been put on a low FODMAP diet, which is a killer for a dairy free vegetarian as all legumes are a no go.  However I am now discovering some great alternatives to protein and trying new recipes.  As I work through this, I'm only on day 4, I will post some recipes.  In the meantime I did find this amazing blog with some great recipes and some yummy sweet things @
sasha black: Have gone Vegan Friday, 9 May 2014 at 9:21pm
Been veggie on and off for @ 20 yrs and was reading lots of Vegan books, cooking mainly Asian and Indian dishes then took the step about 2 months ago and loving it, love the web for all the vegan support especially on instagram, feel connected to other veggies and vegans, even the Husband went veggie over 2 years ago...animals are my friends and I dont eat my friends!
I have a good friend who read JS Foer's book and has now gone Veggie too, we have lots of meat eaters for dinner and they said they could go veggie with the food we do for them!!!!!!!!
Kaz: It Is Easy To Be Vegetarian Just Try It Friday, 9 May 2014 at 7:53pm
I've been a vegetarian for over 30 years and my children were raised as vegetarians and with compassion for all creatures be they human or of the insect variety and everything in between. I am always appalled by the levels of cruelty that is inflicted upon animals particularly as I have been known to tell others that we don't need to kill to eat.
I also signed the Veg Pledge too.
Vaughan: How could you Thursday, 8 May 2014 at 9:51am
Honestly work in a place like that and do that to animals? What the hell is wrong with people? I'm not a vegan or vegetarian but seeing this sure as hell makes me want to become one. If gassing they should be falling asleep peacefully, this sure as shit is not even remotely close to that. And talk about animal abuse  because they don't want to be killed, that guy needs to be electrocuted in the ear and see how he likes it.

I'm glad I VERY rarely eat pork and even then it has to be free range (or even organic) not sure if that makes a difference but as I said I rarely eat it.

Any meat I eat is Organic (as most animals are fed GMO's) and same with Vegetables since they are all spayed with toxins you simply don't want in your body.
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Brenda Gnader: Vegetarian Thursday, 8 May 2014 at 9:29am
I became a vegetarian 1 1/2 years ago when I found out my husband had lung cancer.  He did die in Sept. but I am still a vegetarian.  I had wanted to do this for a long time because I've been an animal rights activist for 30 years.  I love being a vegetarian and I am the only one in my family and friends that is.  I feel clean on the inside.
Joanne Russel: Tears still streaming down my face Thursday, 8 May 2014 at 7:32am
I never knew that these beautiful creatures were being killed that way.  I was always under the impression they were slaughtered humanely.  I watched the video and I was aghast as these creatures struggled for every last breath.  I will not eat PORK again!!  I am not a vegetarian but I expect all the animals we do eat should be  treated with respect and killed humanely.  THAT WAS NOT HUMANE.  Thank you ANIMALS AUSTRALIA for opening my eyes.
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Sue kimberley: Veg long term Thursday, 8 May 2014 at 3:44am
I've been  vegetarian for forty years, signed the pledge anyway.
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Taryn Scanlon: Thank you Thursday, 8 May 2014 at 1:38am
Thank you Animals Australia!! Although it is heart wrenching, heart breaking, tear swelling, and all the other extremely intense emotions one can feel when viewing the truth, I thank you for allowing me to see the truth and allowing me to move forward to make changes in my personal life and helping me tell others about the sad truths that lie in factory farms around Australia.
I can not explain my gratitude for the wonderful things you do.
Margaret Scown: starting out Thursday, 8 May 2014 at 12:38am
I don't eat any pig products, or lamb.   Just have to work on chicken, fish and a little bit of beef, like in mincemeat.
thanks for the food hints on what to look for and buy.
My love of animals, my distress at how they are treated and how they are slaughtered, and my love of the environment, has led me in this direction - just have to work on the grandchildren now!
jenny Mccurley: no meat Thursday, 8 May 2014 at 10:54pm
I have never been a big pork eater, bacon and ham in small lots, a roast of pork has never been on my menu, and so now bacon and ham will be off it all the time now, in this day and age I would have thought that the intelligent people would be able to get things right when it came to animal rights , but as I have seen in this last year we have a very very long way to go, governments need to start thinking out side the money box.

jenny McCurley
Margaret Johnson: MY LOVE OF ANIMALS SAVED MY LIFE Thursday, 8 May 2014 at 10:46pm
I am 65 living in Australia but originally from the UK.  I became a vegetarian in my early twenties because I could not tolerate factory farming.  My love of animals has probably saved my life.  I have only recently found out I have genetic mutation called hemochromatosis this is a condition where the body cannot get rid of excess iron and if not diagnosed can lead to death.  Being a vegetarian keeps my iron levels normal. One in nine people are carriers of this mutation.
Cathy V: Veg meals on the go Thursday, 8 May 2014 at 10:23pm
Hi guys, Im often on the road and it can be hard to get good, vegetarlian meals on the run, don't forget about Nandos veg pattie, Grill'd do 2 awesome veg burgers and Salsa have a great veg wrap which is enormous - happy cruelty free consumption!
Ruth: Vegan/vegetarian friendly dietician? Thursday, 8 May 2014 at 8:35pm
Hello, can anyone recommend a vegetarian nutritionist? I'm intolerant to fructose, especially soy, legumes. & onions so I really struggle with finding vegetarian protein meals. The dieticians I've seen just give me diets full of meat. Are there any more vegan-friendly professionals who might be able to advise me? I live in Melbourne.
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Ray Mizzi: die hard lifer Thursday, 8 May 2014 at 7:38pm
At the back our dog (red kelpie cattle 13 weeks) barks, he romps and tries to harass Suki (cat 10) who has taught him from day one to respect her space. He throws himself at me, and if I ride the bike he already runs next to me for kilometres,without missing a beat, he is explosive, full of energy and innocent, and Suki has already taught him the rules, she is a madam. He is a little boy who wants to play, full of life an happy, just like pigs and cows, and all animals. What really, REALLY, scares me, is how much of us we see in them and how much we (society) chooses to block our exploitation or deny their pain in our consciousness. I believe semantics of language will soon change, and we will speak with animals using technology. Oh, at that time we will cry, we will cry, we will cry ashamed.
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Aileen: Educate children Thursday, 8 May 2014 at 7:28pm
If I had just known when I was a child about the cruelty inflicted on animals produced for human consumption, I would have refused to eat meat.  If we could just teach young children that an animal had to suffer so they can eat meat, then more children would grow up to be non meat eaters. I stopped eating meat after Animals Australia told the truth about cattle being slaughtered in Indonesia. This latest horror of the young pigs, would certainly have an impact on do we get the truth to children without causing them nightmares? Where do we stand legally as educators if we try to tell children the truth about this industry?
Brenda: Horror and shame at being human Thursday, 8 May 2014 at 5:42pm
As a meat eater, a wildlife volunteer carer, chook and dog owner and lover, I am sickened  by the methods we use to to farm and kill animals for our consumption!!!!!! We have to continue to bring to the attention of the wider community, politicians, farmers, industry workers, multi-nationals, in fact all along the food chain!! the gravity of these horrors!! AND THE HUMANE METHODS AVAILABLE. THESE METHODS SHOULD BE LEGISLATED FOR EFFECTIVE USE. Concerted 'people power' is the only way to get through to those who can think only of the financial 'bottom line'
Margot Hays: Vego go go Thursday, 8 May 2014 at 5:27pm
I have been a vegetarian since 1996. It would fee like being a cannibal if I are any of my animal bird sea life friends. %uD83D%uDC0E%uD83D%uDC10%uD83D%uDC16%uD83D%uDC13%uD83D%uDC02
Chrissie: Totally vegetarian! Thursday, 8 May 2014 at 11:37am
I clicked wrongly... I've been vegetarian for many years. It's so easy to be vegi - in fact, almost vegan. I love animals with all my heart, and simply cannot condone the cruelty that goes into the whole production of meat - from start to end. I have the view that if you wouldn't kill (or torture) an animal yourself, why would you buy 'dead animal' to eat, thinking that it's OK to do so... Animals have the same - or very similar - feelings and central nervous system to humans, so if you wouldn't ill-treat a human, then you shouldn't help to create a demand for meat from an animal that's had a horrible life and has been killed for ignorant people to eat. There's no such thing as cruelty-free meat !
Brad Cole: Gradually becoming vegetarian Wednesday, 7 May 2014 at 9:38am
I stopped eating pork in February 2013. Then I stopped eating chicken and lamb and finally beef on 20 April 2013. I had a spiritual change and it felt right to stop.
Since then I have cut right down on dairy milk. Switched to only buying rice milk. I still drink several cow's milk lattes each day. I tried soy but it didn't stick. I also eat free range organic hen's eggs. I am still eating fish a couple of times each week. My consumption of animal-based food has gradually decreased since I stopped eating mammals. Feels right. I'm happy with the change.
Kate Sloan: Think about what you are eating Wednesday, 7 May 2014 at 8:25am
I have been vegetarian 37 years.  I have never had a health issue, had 2 big healthy babies (one of them has always been a vegetarian and she is six foot tall)  I have never felt I have missed out In any way. I live a very mainstream life.  My commitment to trying to live a cruelty free lffe has never faltered. Even if animals are raised humanly, they still have to face the abbottoir. Seeing distressed animals,  in trucks, off to be killed were were my initial motive to become vegetarian.
I can't watch the pictures posted on this site. Please have a considered think about what you are condoning by continuing to eat meat
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Karen: Vego for the Animals! Wednesday, 7 May 2014 at 7:48am
I became a vegetarian 37 years ago, before all the cruelty was made public. I can not understand how anyone, with a conscience, can still eat meat, knowing now the atrocious way in which these poor animals live (such a short life) and then the sickening way they die. I am moved to tears just writing this comment.
veronica: unbelievable cruelty. Wednesday, 7 May 2014 at 7:20am
I watched the film and it just reminded me of the Jewish holocaust in the 2nd World War.   Is mankind incapable of learning fromt the past?   Animal or human, unbelievable cruelty is just that and makes us look like a sub species.
liu wai ling: going vegan Wednesday, 7 May 2014 at 7:09am
I  'm  vegetarian    have  been  14  years  ,   I  go  vegan   is  very  simply   ,  hope  my   body  health  .   and  don't  like  kill  animals  ,    I love  animals    I  saw   and  hear  bad  news ,    most  country    how  to   inhumane  ways  for    all   different  animals  ,  let  me   tears  ,  I  can't  belived  and  don't  understand  why   could  mankind   cruelty for  animals  ,    wish  them   stop  and end   this  barbaric   or   slaughter  for  all   animals  ,  Thank  you
Jill: I started being vegetarian and now my whole family has followed! Wednesday, 7 May 2014 at 6:43am
I became vegetarian over 2 years ago when I first became aware of the animal cruelty involved, and also watched a DVD called Forks over Knives. Since then my entire family has followed suit (which makes it so much easier at mealtimes). My kids aged 18 and 16 (boys) have been amazing in their commitment,as its not an easy thing to do at that age with the peer pressure from their mates. We are all much healthier and more energetic than we were. And happy that no animals are suffering due to us.  We are mostly vegan but still have a bit of a way to go with the cheese thing!
Lee: Pigs cruelty Wednesday, 7 May 2014 at 6:24am
It breaks my hear to read that story and I can't watch the video.  I'm just wondering if u want to stop this method of slaughtering to be changed then is there a more suitable method that can be put forward.  It's one thing to criticize but change will not happen without a more viable and hopefully cruelty free method.  The reality is we can't stop people from eating meat, it will continue.  Let's find a better way to ensure that these animals that are destined to be slaughtered are killed by a more humne method.  I will be on the petition for that one and happy to petition my Local, State and Federal MP.  I also think it would be good when u send out the requests to petition our MP's that a draft letter option could be included.  I am happy to say that I do at least receive an email response from my Local MP.  Happy to support all efforts by AA, you are all awesome and making the world a better place for our animal friends.  Keep up the good work :)
Karina: Guilt Wednesday, 7 May 2014 at 6:12am
it breaks my heart to find out what happens to all these animals for the sake of our dinner plates.  It is so disappointing to me the behaviour of humans towards these animals, i recently saw a post by AA where bobby calves were being dragged off trucks by these men who had no qualms about their behaviour, these babies couldnt even stand by themselves, it took me weeks to not see them whenever i closed my eyes.  Its one thing to call those of us with campassion bleeding hearts but its another to turn away and simply see the product as the product and nothing more.  I say F"k these multinational industries and their greed and their ability to go home at night and not feel an ounce of guilt.  At the end of the day they are answerable only to themselves and im sure thats a far greater threat than anything else.
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