Vegan bodybuilders: changing the world one rep at a time

These super strong athletes are showing just how amazing 'plant powered' living can be — for animals, the planet and themselves — and causing a seismic shift in the fitness landscape along the way.


LAST UPDATED: 4 January 2018

Gone are the days of pounding down meat and raw eggs in the pursuit of bodybuilding glory. Recognising the power we each hold to make kinder choices for animals like laying hens, dairy calves and mother pigs, a rapidly growing number of bodybuilders and other fitness enthusiasts are enjoying more plant-based meals. And showcasing those gains!

There's a whole world of plant strong fitness out there to explore. Here are just a few of its incredible ambassadors:

Nimai Delgado

This compassionate competitor has never eaten animals! Vegetarian from birth and vegan now for many years, he's dedicated his career to demonstrating how powerful kindness can be.

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Simone Collins

As a teenager, self-described gym rat Simone made the connection between the animals she'd always loved and the meat she'd been eating. Her journey of awareness continued once she discovered the reality of dairy and egg production in Australia — inspiring her determination to bust myths as a vegan bodybuilder.

Torre Washington

Another jaw-dropping competitive bodybuilder who was raised vegetarian, Torre has been eating vegan for nearly 20 years! A qualified engineer, he applies this know-how to sculpting physiques (while still tending toward 'intuitive eating'.)

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Fraser Bayley & Lauren Partlan Bayley

This husband-and-wife team come from opposite ends of the globe, but are united in kindness! Fraser hails from New Zealand and the couple live in Lauren's home country of the USA. They run the popular Plant Strong Fitness Facebook group and their coaching business Evolving Alpha. Check out Fraser's inspiring journey from a butcher to a champion for animal-friendly bodybuilding!

Crissi Carvalho

Gold-Coast based inspiration Crissi — a highly regarded bodybuilding coach and mum — is testament to the benefits of good food and exercise (plus she loves rescue dogs!)

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Billy Simmonds

This former INBA Mr Universe has served as a strength and conditioning coach to athletes around the world for over a decade. Apart from founding his own wildly successful plant-based supplement company, PRANAON, Billy is an advocate for human health, ethical treatment of animals, and the environment.

Mu Jin Han

Age is just a number to this LA-based champion for animals, who at 53 years young calls plant-based eating the "fountain of youth"!

Patrik Baboumian

Just, you know, one of the world's strongest men:

Even the Terminator himself is making positive changes!

Get lifting!

Before launching into a new exercise routine, it's a good idea to check with your doctor that you're good to go. These general plant-based health resources might also be helpful:

Once you're ready to hit the gym, here are some useful resources for plant strong weightlifting & fitness:


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