How to retire a greyhound — a guide (by greyhounds)

Dear greyhound industry: ‘retirement’ does not mean what you think it means.


LAST UPDATED: 23 January 2019

‘Retirement’ is a word the greyhound racing industry like to use a lot — but for many of these gentle, affectionate dogs, it doesn't just mean the end to their racing life — it means the end of life itself. Thankfully, there are a lucky few who are rescued, and discover how great life can be beyond the race track.

We asked you to share your greyhound adoption stories — and we think they demonstrate better than anything what 'retirement' should look like for all greyhounds:

Retirement is: outings to the beach to show off how adorable you look in your new elf outfits.
Santas little helpers (or when off-duty Daz and Stormy). We adopted Daz first and couldn't resist another hound, he was very anxious being by himself ... so we adopted a little sister. We love them dearly and hope more greyhounds are adopted. They are beautiful creatures.Camilla
Retirement is: looking majestic at all times, particularly while asleep on the couch/bed/lap of your human
This is my beautiful rescued greyhound, Chloe. She has a unique sleeping style ...Melissa
Retirement is: life-long love and TLC despite the fact that you might look a bit different from the other dogs
Bobby (white and black) has been my partner in crime for just over two years now. He is definitely the best dog in the world — he convinced my parents to rescue a greyhound of their own (Prince Harry), and has helped several foster greyhounds settle in to companion animal life. Most recently, a puppy who needed her leg amputated after her breeder didn't treat a dog bite and the owner wouldn't pay the subsequent vet bills. 'Lucky' is now on trial with a lovely new family, and we pick up 'Maisie' from the pound this afternoon.Gabrielle
Retirement is: being welcomed into a new family with open arms — and heart
Our beautiful adopted girl, miss Cleo. Wouldn't ever get another breed after having a greyhound. They're the most gentle, loving dogs I've ever met.Suzi
Retirement is: smiling. A lot.
This is Magnus, the most amazing dog I have ever known. I wish I had known him sooner, so I could have loved him longer. But nevertheless, he came into our lives and my heart nearly bursts with love for this goofy guy.Kristan
Retirement is: greyhound jammies (yes, it's a thing).
Roxy has been the best addition and our lives would not be as full as it has been without her. For those thinking about greyhounds as a pet please jump in as they are such amazingly grateful animals that have so much love and quirkiness to spread.Julie
Retirement is: for hanging out with your best friends.
We adopted Sprocket in February from Gumtree Greys and he is honestly the best, most well behaved (and easy) dog we've ever come across. We added Dexter dachshund a couple months later and they absolutely adore each other.Nat
Retirement is: being surrounded by family who love you, no matter what.
This is Elvis, we adopted him six months ago. At 3.5 years old, after finishing his lacklustre racing career, he was brought to the vets to be put to sleep, the vet saw his potential and sent him on to GAP. He was adopted by another family for seven months, who returned him to GAP. Then we found him 6mths ago at adoption day. He's a sweetheart and loved by everyone who meets him and especially by his three human brothers, me and my partner.Melanie

Retirement SHOULD mean that the best years of their lives are yet to come!

Check out more pics of happy retirees in their forever homes:

"She was whipped and left in a dumpster at 7months old. Cassie has been with me for 10 years now and I love her." β€” Shaz"My Harvey who was bound for Macau two years ago he is now a happy retired gentleman of ten, and his best mate Calypso who I rescued when she was seven months old she is now seven years old." β€” Lauren"Emily (left) is five, and George my almost eleven year old boy he was rescued directly from a trainer thankfully as he was going to be put to sleep the next day. I could not imagine life without them." β€” Sharon"Our boy Laz who we adopted 4 months ago. I think he has second thoughts about his new family when we force him to wear festive headbands! He's a great brother to our little dachshund. They are best friends!" β€” Rebecca"Paul was going to be shot because he had no interest in racing! Love you Paul our beautiful boy!!" β€” Dorothea "Louis was saved from death row by Amazing Greys. He was emaciated frown emoticon He has been with me over a year and is a big, happy goofball  I love him to bits!" β€” Julie"Our 2 rescued greyhounds, one was a 'foster fail' Hoot,(black dog) , as we are greyhound foster carers and our big boy, Krosby, was our first adoption. As you can see they both love the couch and I wouldn't be without them for the world." β€” Nelle"This is my gorgeous girl Peppa, She was adopted from Brightside Farm Sanctuary. Peppa was taken to Brightside when she was a tiny puppy and was very lucky and has never been to a racetrack or been raced β€” she was considered wastage. " β€” Amanda"Our sweet greyhound Beau with the little pets. It's been five years since we adopted him. He'll be 9 years old in March and he's the kindest dog in the world." β€”  Stephanie"We adopted Milly last February. It was the best thing we've done ... An amazing dog, relaxing into our family every day ... And we love her more than anything." β€” Lynne"Sam who at 4 years old didnt have a real name. I am proud of how far he has come from the nervous depressed dog to the healthy happy boy he is today." β€” Cory"My adopted boy Max with his new advent calendar. [He] likes human traditions where he gets free food." β€” Merrilyn"Here is Matilda. I am her human and she has been looking after me for more then ten years." β€” Michelle"Mr T rescued me! Greys are the best... " β€” Elisabeth

Can you foster or adopt a retired greyound?

Check out our handy guide to fostering or adopting one of these gentle giants, and discover just how grey-t life can be with a rescued racer!

Adopt a Greyhound

And just in case you haven't seen enough happy dogs today (is there such a thing?), check out how our friends at Brightside Farm Sanctuary are helping greyhounds discover how awesome life is beyond the race track:

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