8 things live exporters and politicians wish they hadn't said about Egypt

8 things live exporters and politicians wish they hadn't said about Egypt
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Sickening ... distraught ... disgusted. These are the words chosen by industry and Government to describe the systemic cruelty to Australian cattle uncovered by Animals Australia in Egypt.


LAST UPDATED: 19 January 2018

How their 'tunes' have changed...

Here's what they were telling the public about these same facilities — before they knew that our cameras had been filming inside. (WARNING: these quotes contain graphic images. To view this page with graphic images turned off, click here.)


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Download / share"A state of the art facility that guarantees the wellbeing and humane treatment of Australian cattle." — Industry promotional video, uploaded 22 May 2011


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Download / share"I have been to the plant at Ain Sokhna. It has state-of-the-art technology. It has a killing and processing facility which would stand any test here in Australia ... It is a very polished plant." — David Palmer, former Managing Director, Meat & Livestock Australia, Senate Estimates 24 May 2011


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Download / share"Managed appropriately" — LiveCorp / Meat & Livestock Australia, joint submission to the Farmer Review July 2011


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Download / share"Having personally inspected the new facilities at Sokhna, I can confirm they are first class and would rival some of Australia's best feedlot and processing plants." — Steve Meerwald, former Managing Director, Wellard Rural Exports, Farm Weekly, 28 February 2010


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Download / share"I visited the Sokhna facility in late October last year. Certainly the procedures and practices that I saw during my visit were compliant with Australian requirements." — Alison Penfold, CEO, Australian Livestock Exporters' Council, ABC Radio National, 4 May 2013


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Download / share"The new facilities and the operating protocol now meet the requirements of both the Australian livestock industry and the Australian Government to ensure maximised protection for our cattle in our marketplace." --Scott Hansen, former General Manager, Meat & Livestock Australia, The Australian 9 May, 2008


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Download / share"Now we have a system where the community has confidence that 99 per cent of the animals that are sent overseas ... have a good animal welfare outcome." — Joe Ludwig, Federal Agriculture Minister, AAP, May 4 2013


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Download / share"A state of the art feedlot and abattoir set-up ... It has set new standards in that region. That is exactly the reason why we must continue to remain in these trades." — Chris Back, WA Liberal Senator, ABC Bush Telegraph, 31 May 2011

Live export apologists aren't fooling anybody anymore. Click here to tell our politicians that you can see through their spin — and join hundreds of thousands of others who are demanding an end to live export cruelty.

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