Fishing and marine animals

At first glance, marine animals can seem very different to us. But dive below the surface and you might find more similarities than you'd expect. Whether they have fins, gills, tails or scales: they're sensitive, feeling ... and they want to live.

There's a reason our home is called 'the Blue Planet'. Oceans cover around 71% of the Earth, and these vast depths harbour 99% of the globe's 'living space'. This mysterious world feels distinct from our own, yet both are inextricably linked.

Scientists estimate that more than nine out of 10 marine species have not even been identified, while up to a quarter of those known are already at risk of extinction. Humans — only one species out of so many — are making a huge impact on these animals. Fishing, hunting, environmental destruction and climate change are all threats to these individual members of a crucial and delicate ecosystem.

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