Help stop sheep cruelty


Did you know that sheep can learn their own name and be taught tricks just like dogs? Did you also know that right now, these gentle animals need your help?

Sadly, in the meat and wool industries, sheep's interests come a sorry second to profits. Denied the protection of the cruelty laws that protect other animals, these intelligent, feeling animals can have parts of their bodies cut off without pain relief, or suffer immensely during shearing.

But you have the power to help protect sheep from cruelty. Uncover what the meat and wool industries really mean for sheep, and take action in the links below.

Uncover the facts:


You can help!

Tell the Australian wool industry, "Surgery hurts!" and demand mandatory pain relief for sheep and lambs.

Call for an end to live export: The grim fate for many sheep in Australia is to be loaded onto ships in the live export trade. Exported to countries with no laws to protect them, these animals can suffer unspeakable abuses — including having their throats cut whilst fully conscious. Click here to urge your MP to support a ban on live animal exports.

Make your choices count: Caught in a profit driven industry, sheep are forced to endure these painful procedures because of demand for lamb, mutton and wool. But fortunately, the choices we make at the dinner table (and when buying clothes) can spare them. By making the choice to eat more meat-free meals, or take animals off your plate completely, you can help protect sheep and save lives. Click here to order your FREE guide to getting started eating meat-free.


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