IN THE NEWS: City Hall bans wild animal shows at Bucharest’s Globus Circus


IN THE NEWS: On JAN 31, 2017

Bucharest's Globus Circus is no longer allowed to include wild animal performances in its program, following a decision voted unanimously by the members of the Bucharest General Council.

"We all came to the conclusion that we should promote today a decision draft that amends the rules of organization and functioning of the Globus Circus in Bucharest so that, following your vote today, the circus shows at Globus will no longer include performances with trained animals," Bucharest mayor Gabriela Firea said at the beginning of the City council's meeting on Monday.

The circus' animals will be relocated based on a protocol between the Bucharest City Hall and Vier Pfoten Association. The big cats could be sent to sanctuaries in Africa while the rest of the animals could be relocated to other reservations and sanctuaries.

The decision to ban the use of wild animals in circus shows came after, earlier this month, a building housing animals of the Globus Circus in Bucharest caught fire, leaving 11 animals dead.

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