IN THE NEWS: Be Fair Be Vegan campaign: Vegans ramp up their cause


IN THE NEWS: On FEB 7, 2018

GOVERNMENTS need to help farmers move away from growing animals, say the organisers of a vegan campaign targeting Melbourne.

Funded by an anonymous US-based philanthropist, the Be Fair Be Vegan campaign has launched what it describes as "one of the largest animal rights initiatives ever" in Melbourne.

The 12-week advertising campaign includes posters, billboards, and social media.

"Melbourne is becoming known as one of the world's most vegan-friendly cities," Be Fair Be Vegan spokeswoman Angel Flinn told The Weekly Times.

Ms Flinn would not disclose the cost of the campaign, but said it was not aimed at farmers.

"Non-vegan consumer choices place a tremendously heavy burden on the farming community to do things that the average person would experience as emotionally traumatising, such as separating babies from their mothers, discarding unprofitable individuals, and shipping young animals off to slaughter," she said.

"If our governments had any conscience, farmers would receive assistance and incentives to start meeting the new demand ... of plant foods, plant fabrics, plant medicines."

Victorian Farmers Federation livestock president ­Leonard Vallance said the claim Melbourne was one of the most vegan-friendly cities was nonsense and that the city had far more steak than vegan restaurants. "Can this filthy rich American philanthropist come up with a better source of protein than animals? I don't think so."

In response to the vegan campaign, horticulture peak body AusVeg said plant-based food was suitable for a "well-balanced diet".

AusVeg chief executive James Whiteside said as global food demand rose, plant-based produce offered the most efficient means of supplying all essential nutrients for a healthy diet.

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