IN THE NEWS: Phoebe making a paw-sitive impact to animal welfare


IN THE NEWS: On FEB 7, 2018

But not 10 year old Phoebe Lagerberg. Instead she decided to take donations for her favorite charity, Animals Australia, instead of gifts, raising a total of $236.15.

With a passion for animals, having a mengarie of pets adopted from the RSPCA at home, Phoebe said she'd like to be a veterinarian when she was older. 

"My pets are very crazy, and they make me smile a lot," she said.  "I want to be a vet so I can help animals and save their lives."

Animals Australia said Pheobe's donation would be going to advocacy around the live export trade and international dog meat sales. 

Her mum Fiona Christie said Phoebe had loved animals since she was born, and it wasn't just enough to donate through a website. 

"She's very compassionate, Phoebe is the one that wants to feed the animals and make sure they're okay, giving them treats."

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