IN THE NEWS: Domino's to trail 'Vegan Supreme' cheese pizza in the UK


IN THE NEWS: On OCT 1, 2018

Domino's Pizza in the UK is reportedly working on a national launch of vegan cheese. The pizza chain's web app now offers a "Vegan Supreme" pizza and is launching as a trial run in select stores, reports website Veggie Athletic.

The vegan pie option is being offered currently at the chain's Durham location, but if its test markets in other regions are any indicator, it may be gearing up for a national roll out soon.

The news follows the successful launches of vegan cheese options at Domino's Australia and New Zealand. Domino's first trialed vegan cheese by American dairy-free brand Follow Your Heart in select Australian stores at the beginning of the year. The trial was so successful it expanded the menu items to the permanent menu. A similar recent launch in New Zealand expanded its vegan offerings to more than 100 locations.

Domino's has also added vegan cheese options in the Netherlands as the country, like much of Europe, has been quick to embrace vegan food options in recent months.

Pizza Hut trialed vegan cheese options in the UK last year, moving the items to the permanent menu.

Vegan-friendly pizza chain Pizza Express continually adds new vegan options as demand for vegan food in the UK skyrockets. The nation's leading supermarket chain, Tesco, has seen sales of its vegan ready meal range shatter projections. It's expected to sell more than 5 million units in just the first year; more than double initial estimates.

The vegan diet is increasingly popular across the UK. Other supermarkets including Sainsbury's and Waitrose have expanded their vegan offerings significantly, and a growing number of restaurants are updating their menus to meet the nation's growing demand for plant-based and vegan options.

Domino's is expected to announce details on the vegan cheese launch some time this week.

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