PRESS RELEASE: New Law Book Reveals the Victims of Australia's Animal Cruelty Laws



The launch of the first book to examine Australian animal cruelty laws presents a significant blow to the Federal Government's claim that Australia is a world leader in animal welfare.

Written by Animals Australia's Legal Counsel Dr Malcolm Caulfield, the book reveals that rather than provide protection for animals, exemptions, defences and inconsistencies in current animal cruelty laws permit cruel treatment to millions of animals in Australia � particularly in factory farms and the live export industry.

Dr Caulfield's examination also reveals that the enforcement of animal cruelty laws in Australia is of major concern particularly as increasing intensification of animal use in agriculture has occurred in parallel with increasing concealment of intensively farmed animals from public scrutiny

Dr Caulfield states;

"Much of the enforcement is delegated by governments to the RSPCA, or done by government departments whose primary focus is to further the interests of intensive animal farmers, live exporters and the like.

"The simple fact that animal cruelty legislation is the only legislation delegated by governments to an unaccountable private organisation indicates their reticence to take animal welfare seriously.

"As a result the ability to investigate and prosecute breaches of animal cruelty laws is being hindered by the financial limitations of a charity."

The launch of Dr Caulfield's book 'Handbook of Australian Animal Cruelty Law' reflects the substantial growth of interest and involvement of the legal fraternity and the community as awareness has grown of the failure of Australian animal welfare legislation to protect animals from cruelty.

The book will provide a unique resource comparing the detail of animal cruelty law in the different Australian jurisdictions, but more importantly provides additional direct evidence of the complete failure of Australian law to properly deal with animal cruelty inflicted by those who use animals for profit.


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