PRESS RELEASE: Barnaby Joyce’s claims about live export suspension




Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce’s claim that a 5 week suspension of cattle exports to Indonesia resulted in an influx of people seeking asylum in Australia is ridiculous.

Barnaby Joyce has once again shown that he will say anything to defend and promote the live export industry.

  1. His claim of a live export ban to Indonesia, is false. It was a 5 week suspension to put safeguards in place so no further animals suffered the same horrific abuse exposed on Four Corners. It’s remarkable to suggest he would not have supported the same course of action.
  2. His claim that the Nationals didn’t support this suspension, is false. This is on the public record. He also fails to mention that it was the Howard government that banned the cattle trade to Egypt when the routine tendon slashing of animals was exposed in 2006.
  3. His claim that the 5 week suspension damaged the industry, is false. Cattle exports have risen.
  4. His claim that the suspension cut off food to Indonesia, is false. Exporters had filled every cattle boat they could prior to Four Corners in anticipation of a suspension once the cruelty they were sending animals to was exposed publicly.
  5. His claim the suspension caused a diplomatic incident, is false. The telephone spying scandal did greater damage to Australia’s relationship with Indonesia.
  6. And lastly, his claim that live export regulations are working, is false.

Australia needs a debate about the live export industry based on facts.

The fact is the live export trade is costing Australian jobs in the meat processing industry.

The fact is thousands of exported animals continue to be subjected to horrific abuse on his watch — and without meaningful consequence for the exporters responsible.

The fact is the Minister is well aware of this as it has all been reported to his Department.

Minister Joyce’s blind support for live exporters only serves to fuel their complacency. 

The 5 week Indonesian suspension resulted from the industry facilitating the brutal treatment of Australian cattle through the installation of 102 (now banned) Mark 1 slaughter boxes.

Barnaby Joyce would serve their interests far better by reminding them that in 2011 an outraged Australian community demanded the entire trade be ended, and that they were fortunate that only a short 5 week suspension resulted.

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