PRESS RELEASE: NSW greyhound ban right for dogs and for us all



NSW greyhound ban right for dogs and for us all

Animals Australia Chief Investigator Lyn White AM has today commended NSW's Parliament for passing a bill banning greyhound racing, saying the decision is right not just for dogs, but for society as a whole.

"Laws are meant to reflect societal values.  The passing of this legislation reflects the views of the vast majority of the NSW community who were appalled by the annual deaths of thousands of dogs whose only 'crime' was that they couldn't run fast enough," said Ms White.

"The scale of the cruelty and deaths that this industry inflicted over many decades is immeasurable. The only appropriate response was to shut it down."

"But this is not just about animals. Inquiries have revealed that many participants in this industry engaged in criminal behaviours such as live baiting and the drugging of dogs to win races.

"All of society is safer for its closure," she said.

Ms White said that were it not for the actions of Animals Australia investigators in documenting long known live baiting practices, the cruelty in the industry would still be occurring.

"Anyone arguing against this needs to consider that were it not for the fact they got caught out, all of this industry's horrific practices would be continuing to this day."

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