PRESS RELEASE: Brutal, illegal slaughters rife as Australian laws fail animals during Eid



Brutal, illegal slaughters rife as Australian laws fail animals during Eid

Animals Australia investigators have returned from the Middle East and South East Asia where they have once again documented extensive breaches of Australian live export regulations during Eid al-Adha (the Festival of Sacrifice).

In the UAE — the major livestock markets in Dubai, Sharjah and Al Ain were all selling Australian sheep for home slaughter, despite having been the subject of numerous complaints to the Department of Agriculture.

In Kuwait — the notoriously cruel Al Rai livestock market was still selling Australian sheep despite eight previous complaints. Australian sheep have suffered illegal and brutal slaughter at this market every year since regulations were introduced yet exporters are still permitted to send animals to the region during this high-risk period.

In Oman — the selling of Australian sheep contrary to live export regulations dramatically increased this year despite the Department of Agriculture increasing oversight requirements on exporters.

In Malaysia — blatant breaches relating to Australian sheep and goats were widespread — with Australian animals even being advertised for sale and sacrifice on Facebook. Australian cattle were also being offered for sacrificial slaughter.

In Lebanon — Australian sheep were being sold for sacrifice to individual buyers and being slaughtered on concreted slabs at feedlots.

ALEC Chairman Simon Crean toured Middle East markets during the week before the Festival of Sacrifice and reported back a realm of good intentions.

"It was disappointing that Mr Crean didn't tour the region during the Festival of Sacrifice. Only through actually being at the Festival can he fully understand the animal welfare consequences of the trade he represents, or where his exporters are letting him down," said Animals Australia Chief Investigator, Lyn White AM.

"It's not the repercussions for animals sold outside of supply chains that he needs to be aware of, it is also the tens of thousands of animals killed whilst fully conscious in approved abattoirs," she added.

"Exporter personnel were meant to be in all markets so it is completely unacceptable to again see Australian sheep available for sale in known high risk livestock markets," Ms White said.

"Exporters 'self-reporting' breaches is now a deliberate industry strategy being employed to mitigate regulatory consequences. Until the Department takes a 'no excuses' attitude and puts export licences on the line, the blatant disregard for Australian regulations will continue," she said.

Animals Australia reported breaches detected in various markets to the Department of Agriculture as information came to hand, and is currently compiling evidence collected by its investigators in order to formulate legal complaints.


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