VIDEO: Make it Possible — TV Ad — the campaign that evolved into 'Somewhere'


In late 2012, this beautiful flying pig asked caring Australians in a 1 minute TV ad to imagine a world without factory farming. The award-winning Make it Possible campaign aimed to create a vision for a kinder world — a world without factory farming — by informing and empowering consumers to make kinder choices when they shop.

Over 150,000 Australians pledged to make that kinder world possible, and together we achieved huge things for animals: inspiring supermarket and fast food giants like McDonald's, Subway, Coles and Woolworths to shift away from factory farmed products, and tens of thousands of workplaces to go cage-free.

But, eight years on, we realised it was time to evolve the Make it Possible campaign into something even bigger and more powerful on behalf of all farmed animals.

Introducing 'Somewhere' — read on to join the evolution...


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