Guidelines for Posting on the Animals Australia Website

Public comment threads are available underneath some Animals Australia website features to allow readers to discuss issues, share opinions and learn from others. Through these comment threads we aim to create a welcoming and engaging online community.


Public comments left on the Animals Australia website should not be taken to represent Animals Australia's position.

Those who post comments on this page agree to the following guidelines:

1. Be Respectful -- We welcome vibrant discussions and opinions from different perspectives. However, we will not tolerate offensive or abusive posts, or accept comments that are made solely to incite an argument from readers (trolling). Please do not post any foul language, personal insults, derogatory/racist remarks or threats of any kind. These are not helpful to constructive conversation.

2. Please Keep On-Topic — Please keep the topic of your comment related to that of the feature page in order for new visitors to easily follow the threads and join in the discussion.

3. Go Straight to the Source — If you direct a question to Animals Australia via the comment streams, it may not be seen for some time. If you have any urgent queries that needs to be addressed please email or call the office direct on 1800 888 584. There are often more public posts made to the site than our staff can read and questions can remain unanswered unless brought directly to our attention.

4. Keep the Peace — If you notice a post that you believe is inappropriate in any way, please do not respond to it — rather, we would appreciate your help by using the 'Report This' link under the comment in question. We aim to remove offensive posts as quickly as possible. As there are often more public comments made to the website than our staff can always read we are grateful for everyone's help in keeping the community peaceful and inviting.

5. Don't Post Personal Info — You should never post your personal details on a public forum. We can't be held responsible for others obtaining your private information if you do.

6. Keep It Legal — Animals Australia does not endorse illegal activity of any kind, so please don't discuss past or plan future illegal activities.

7. No Spam or Advertisements — These will be deleted and you will be banned, no second chances.

8. Be yourself — Please stand by what you say by attributing your posts and comments to your own name. Posing as multiple fraudulent identities is not conducive to constructive debate and is a breach of community guidelines.

9. Don't Shout — Please don't leave your 'caps lock' on while posting comments. It's considered impolite 'netiquette' to 'shout' in all capitals.

If you breach these simple steps, your post may be deleted, and you may receive a warning (if you have provided an e-mail address). If you breach the community guidelines more than once, you may be banned.

Certain posts may require moderator approval before being made visible to the public.

Any changes to the online community guidelines will be posted directly to this page.

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