You are our hope for a kinder world.

This is the message that 500 million animals need all caring Australians to hear. Animals Australia has launched a national campaign featuring billboards, bus ads and radio spots to remind everyone that through their purchasing power, they hold the key to ending the single biggest cause of animal cruelty: factory farming. Explore the campaign by clicking on the thumbnails to the left, and please donate to keep this campaign running — every dollar will help save animals and reach more people with this critically important message.

Factory Farming Billboard Caged Eggs Battery Hens Billboard Factory Farming Billboard

Billboard advertising

Our track-side factory farming billboards have begun speaking up for both pigs and hens at busy railway stations in Sydney and Melbourne. The unmissable 5 x 3 m images of animals pleading from behind bars are catching the attention of thousands of commuters daily. Your support can make all the difference and expose factory farming by getting these images on billboards in other stations across the country.

Caged Eggs Battery Hens Bus Ad Factory Farming Bus Ad

Bus interior advertising

Bus passengers in most* capital cities are re-thinking what it means to be cramped with internal bus ads starting to reveal the daily living conditions of animals who produce their pork and egg products. Hens in battery cages are unable even to stretch their wings, and mother pigs in sow stalls cannot even turn around or lie down properly. Please help expose this cruelty and get these thought-provoking images into more buses by donating today.

* Animals Australia was prevented from placing bus ads in Brisbane and Perth — learn more.

Factory farming bus back Caged Eggs Battery Hens bus back

Bus back advertising

Select buses in Tasmania are now bringing a much-needed message of kindness to city streets. Eye-catching battery hen and pig bus backs co-sponsored by member society Brightside Farm Sanctuary are showing motorists and pedestrians that their choices have a dramatic impact on the lives of animals. Please help us extend the reach of this critical campaign to more city buses, and publicly expose the hidden cruelty of factory farming.

Radio spots

Radio listeners around the country are realising that the farms where most animal products come from are not what they used to be... Listen to two compelling radio spots speaking up for both pigs and hens on popular stations around Australia. This message is paramount, but radio ads don't come cheap — your support could help extend critical air time to ensure that listeners are continually reminded that the key to ending factory farming is in their hands.

Wishlist: Freeway billboard

This high traffic freeway billboard — usually reserved for fast food and car companies — could be opening the eyes of hundreds of thousands of motorists to the plight of factory farmed animals.

Every aspect of our national public awareness campaign has been made possible through the generous donations of Animals Australia's members and supporters — but our funds are limited. If you haven't yet please give generously. Your support could help raise the funds needed to reach an entirely new audience of caring Australians who are unaware that their choices at the supermarket have the power to end factory farming.

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