Pigs are denied the legal protection afforded to cats and dogs. Practices commonly inflicted on pigs would be cruelty offences if the victims were family pets.


Piglets have their teeth cut and tails cut off without anaesthetic—an excruciating procedure which can provoke vomiting, trembling and leg shaking.


Male piglets are routinely castrated without pain relief.


Laws permit pregnant pigs to be confined for their entire 16 week pregnancy in a metal cage called a ‘sow stall’ which is so small that they are unable to turn around.


‘Sow stalls’ have been banned on welfare grounds in Britain, Sweden and Switzerland, and are being phased out elsewhere—yet they remain standard practice in most Australian piggeries.


Lack of exercise and standing on concrete or metal causes painful physical problems such as foot injuries, lameness, abrasions, and weakened bones and muscles.


Sows suffer chronic hunger through not being provided with adequate roughage in their diet.


Pregnant pigs are moved to a metal farrowing crate prior to giving birth that provides even less space than a sow stall. Contrary to their strong maternal instincts, they have no choice but to give birth on a hard concrete or metal floor.


The barren environment of factory farms is known to cause psychological suffering including depression in pigs due to their inability to perform natural behaviours.


The hope for a kinder future for these intelligent animals rests with each of us, and what we choose to support with our purchasing power.

Secrets Revealed...

Most Australians are appalled by cruelty. That's why Animals Australia has re-launched Lucy's Christmas appeal to remind people to make compassionate and cruelty-free choices this Christmas.

Pigs are social and affectionate animals. They experience fear, pain and many emotions, not unlike the family pet. Yet most pigs raised in Australia are confined in factory farms, where they are denied any quality of life. What they are forced to endure in the name of profit would be illegal if they were instead a dog or cat.

Despite advances overseas, Australian laws still allow a pregnant pig to be confined in a ‘sow stall’—a barren metal cage barely bigger than her own body, in which she is unable even to turn around (expected to remain standard practice for the next 5 years). Trapped in a cycle of suffering, she is forced to give birth on a hard concrete floor; denied the ability to properly nurture her young; and will be continually impregnated until her body can no longer physically cope. Her piglets are subjected to painful surgical procedures—without anaesthetic.

Unlike ‘cage’ eggs there is no product labelling on Australian (or imported) factory-farmed pork, bacon and ham products to warn caring consumers.

Watch the Video: The Truth about Christmas Ham Take Action: Help Us to End Factory Farming

It’s Christmas, and Lucy and thousands like her are still leading lives of misery, trapped in tiny cages so small that they cannot even turn around. Please help Lucy tell Australians not to support the cruelty of factory-farmed ham and pork this Christmas.

What REALLY goes into producing most Christmas hams? YOU can help create a kinder future for pigs this Christmas.