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Most of the pork, ham and bacon sold in Australia today comes from pigs raised in factory farms. Driven by profits, the pork industry has turned a blind eye to the suffering of these sensitive animals. Caring consumers who make compassionate and cruelty-free purchases are the key to change. Because without a market for their products, factory-farms will cease to exist.

Vote against cruelty this Christmas—
Refuse to purchase cruelly-produced products.

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Thank you for helping to create a kinder world for animals.

It’s Christmas, and Lucy and thousands like her are still leading lives of misery, trapped in tiny cages so small that they cannot even turn around. Please help Lucy tell Australians not to support the cruelty of factory-farmed ham and pork this Christmas.

What REALLY goes into producing most Christmas hams? YOU can help create a kinder future for pigs this Christmas.