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Our every-day choices can save sensitive, intelligent animals from unimaginable cruelty. What you choose to buy, or choose not to buy, will determine their fate.

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Australians hate animal cruelty, yet most shoppers are unaware that the majority of pork, bacon, ham, chicken and egg products come from factory farms — where acts of extreme animal cruelty are routine. Exemptions from animal cruelty laws make it legal to treat animals raised for food in horrific ways that would be illegal if they were dogs or cats. Mother pigs — highly intelligent animals — are continually impregnated, and can be confined to barren metal crates so tiny that they cannot turn around for up to 4 months at a time. To compound her sorrow, she is unable to protect her babies, who suffer the agony of having their teeth cut and tails sliced off without any pain relief. It takes a hen 30 hours in a battery cage to produce just one 'cage egg'. Even today, most eggs sold in supermarkets come from birds whose 'living space' is smaller than 1 A4 sheet. For the duration of their lives, these social and complex birds are unable to express even the most fundamental behaviours that give quality of life. They cannot even spread their wings. To produce chicken meat, most chickens are forced to spend their lives inside severely crowded sheds with tens of thousands of other birds, where they are left to live in their own waste. Bred to grow at three times their natural rate, many suffer debilitating physical problems and all are still only babies — just six weeks old — when they are killed. All animals want to live a life free from suffering. Anyone who has spent time with a dog or cat knows that they can express joy, love, and affection — but if they are mistreated, their fear, pain and suffering is very real. Farmed animals are no different. Please support Animals Australia's work to end factory farming and create a kinder world where all animals are free from cruelty.
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