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Our every-day choices can save sensitive, intelligent animals from unimaginable suffering.

Being a Caring ConsumerPig

All animals deserve a life free from cruelty, and by simply being a caring consumer you have the power to help make this a reality. Community awareness and consumer choice are the keys to ending factory farming. Factory farms only exist because unsuspecting shoppers purchase the products that underpin their profits. And don't let these cruel industries or clever packaging fool you — all pork, bacon, ham, chicken and egg products unless labelled otherwise — have been produced in factory farms.

If you love animals, then here's something else to consider... The simple truth is that all animals raised from food are denied legal protection from extreme acts of cruelty, so whilst not buying factory-farmed is an important step to take, the best way to ensure animals don't suffer is simply not to eat them. The growing range of tasty and healthy vegetarian alternatives in supermarkets today makes it easier than ever to try a compassionate, plant-based diet. Even to start by introducing one or more meat/egg-free days per week can have a significant impact.

What about Eggs?Chicks

In recent years there has been growing community awareness about the cruelty of the battery cage system, leading an increasing number of people to choose more humanely produced eggs. But there's some additional facts that you should to know about egg production. Laying hens in all production systems are prematurely sent for slaughter when their egg production wanes — years before their natural life expectancy — resulting in millions of chicks being hatched each year to replace them. Only female chicks are required for egg production. So what happens to the other 50% that hatch? Millions of unwanted male chicks are gassed or ground up alive each year as 'waste products' of the egg industry. This is why many animal lovers are choosing to purchase egg alternatives that are available at supermarkets.

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