Cruelty-Free Business Partners

Augustine Approved All of our products are 100% certified organic, vegan friendly and made fresh to human standards solely from wholefoods (no synthetics). Augustine's Super Boost is a wholefood supplement for ALL dogs, that can be added to every meal.

Ayana Organics Ayana Organics is a W.A based boutique skin care company specializing in pure, natural, vegan skin care. All our products are certified cruelty free and contain certified organic ingredients. Ayana's focus is on sustainability, fair trade and an abundance of raw, unprocessed ingredients. [email protected]

Bio-Distributors Bio-Distributors, which specializes in organic, vegan food products is a family business run by Jo and Ric Easton from their property near Sheffield in Tasmania. Started in 1991 it has experienced continuous growth ever since. Ric and Jo believe in business philanthropy and financially support a wide variety of community-based organizations that share their beliefs and ideals. Groups focusing on animal rights issues are receiving an ever increasing proportion of the funds.Proportion of profits are donated to animal rights groups. [email protected]

Good 4 You Aromatherapy Good 4 You Aromatherapy produce a range of natural skincare and personalised products that are tailored to meet the specific needs of each customer. Our high quality essential oil blends and other products are produced to suit specific health issues such as arthritis, colds and flu. Naturally they are cruelty free. Good 4 You Aromatherapy products are naturally cruelty free. Tel: 0411 300 587 www.Good4You

Goodwill Wine Goodwill Wine sources quality boutique wines and passes 50% of the profit to Animals Australia. We are a licensed fundraiser and stock an impressive selection of vegan friendly wine. Our wine is good enough to take to dinner and our beautiful labels are a great way to let others know about the incredible work Animals Australia does. Click on the link below to see for yourself.50% of profit goes to Animals Australia. Tel: 03 9739 0390

Houndstooth Studio Houndstooth Studio specialise exclusively in professional pet and animal photography. With five years experience in animal photography, they've combined their extensive animal handling expertise with skilful use of studio lighting to capture their subjects in full colour and intricate detail. They have provided animal images to Animals Australia for the past 4 years. Tel: 0413 174 069

Humanising Animals Civilising People This book aims to bridge the gap that exists between reality and the ethics of human-caused animal suffering. It provides solutions to what we can each do to improve the plight of animals.This book begins by examining and evaluating the moral standing of animals, as well as wideranging reasons for animal suffering, including market and commercial imperatives.Animals Australia is proud to promote this book

malc&andi We're a forward-thinking fashion label that believes fashion should be fun, but also as good for your soul as it is for your body. We care for animals as much as we care for fashion and it's why we contribute part of our online sales, and malc&andi products, to animal charities. 5% of our online sales are donated to animal charities. Tel: 0402 113 903

Nestar We invite you to try our delicious range of 'naked' coverture handmade vegan chocolates and tasty cookies. As huge animal lovers it is an honour to share our Nestar vegan chocolates and ovenly cookies with Animals Australia supporters. We are wholly Australian owned and our products are made locally.We supply chocolates to Animals Australia at a discounted rate to allow for important fundraising.

Piccadilly Art Studio Leading contemporary artist Chris Wake is now conducting plant based cooking lessons from her art studio in the Adelaide hills. Focus is on nutrition and disease prevention, immune system and weight loss. Learn how to juice, grow your own micro green sprouts and organic vegan vegetable gardening. Learn some delicious recipes in a friendly, casual atmosphere. Art studio is open by appointment only.$5 from each bookings made as a result of visiting the Animals Australia Business Partners webpage will be donated to Animals Australia. Tel: 0411 645 747

Pompadour Pompadour soy candles are hand poured in Melbourne with pure soy wax. Our candles contain no paraffin or palm oil, and are vegan. Pompadour soy candles are clean burning and made from a renewable source. [email protected]

Prirodna Vegan Cosmetics Australian made and owned, Vegan, Cruelty Free, Pure Mineral Cosmetics. [email protected]

The Animal Code How should we treat animals? And how do we? The Animal Code answers these questions, illustrating the many ways in which people exploit animals. Danny Crossman makes a compelling case for us to recognise animals' needs, feelings and legitimate place on the planet to live their lives as they wish.Animals Australia is proud to promote this book Australian Scholarly Publishing (03) 9329 6963

Vegan Grocery Store Vegan Grocery Store has been serving the vegan community for over 10 years and has been voted Australia's Favourite Vegan Business for the last three years running. Formerly known as The Cruelty Free Shop, we stock the widest range of vegan food and certified cruelty-free products and deliver to your door, anywhere in Australia.

Tel: 02 9550 0145

Vegan Online Convenient cruelty-free shopping for Vegans, Vegetarians and those of us who care for animals. Vegan Online was launched as a result of my profound love and passion for animals. Our aim is to make it just a little bit more accessible to shop cruelty free.Profits from the sale of the Earthlings DVD are donated to Animals Australia. Tel: 0438 196 336

Vegan Perfection Vegan Perfection has been serving Australia�s vegan community for 5 years. We distribute the highest quality, most innovative cruelty-free products from all over the world. Our amazing brands are available from all good health-food stores or from our online shop, where all major credit cards are accepted. Tel: 0407 554 511

Veganpet Veganpet was developed with the welfare of both our poor beasts of burden and our own animal companions in mind. Both suffer less if Veganpet is the chosen diet for your dog or cat. Balanced and Complete dry and tin cat and dog food has been clinically tested and scientifically evaluated. Every nutrient required for your beloved pet is provided in a delicious tantalising way in Veganpet dry food. Veganpet supports Animals Australia and thanks them for the great work they are doing. Sandy Anderson [email protected]

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