Ways to give to Animals Australia

Animals Australia offers a wide variety of donation options to suit your preference. We can accept donations online, over the phone or by post.


Gift donations

Please contact our friendly Supporter Services team to make a gift donation. Simply call us on toll-free 1800 888 584 or (03) 9329 6333 during business hours.

Direct debit (from your bank account)

If you would like to set up an automatic monthly donation directly from your bank account, please download and print the direct debit agreement, and send the completed form to: Animals Australia, Locked Bag 1236, North Melbourne, VIC 3051. Or, alternatively, please email the form to

Direct debit processing fee: Just 27.5 cents of your total donation value will be deducted by our secure payment gateway as a direct debit processing fee.


We can accept one-off donations through PayPal. Simply select "PayPal" as your preferred payment option on the donation confirmation screen. Click here to make a donation via PayPal.

PayPal processing fee: PayPal will deduct $0.30 plus 2.4% of your donation value in transaction fees. Click here for details.

Cheques & money orders

Cheques should be made out to "Animals Australia". Please download and print the membership/donation form and send along with your cheque or money order to: Animals Australia, Locked Bag 1236, North Melbourne, VIC 3051

Credit card donations

We can process credit card donations quickly and securely online, over the phone or by post.

Online Credit Card Payments:

Credit Card donations over the phone:

  • Call us on toll-free 1800 888 584 or (03) 9329 6333 during business hours

Credit card donations by post:

Credit card processing fee: Just 0.07 cents of your donation value will be deducted by our secure payment gateway as a credit card processing fee.


Please contact our office if you have any further questions.

Note: Animals Australia can also accept direct deposits. If you wish to make a donation via direct deposit please contact the office on (03) 9329 6333.

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