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The Animals Australia membership card recognises you as a crucial part of Australia's foremost animal protection organisation.

As an Animals Australia member, you join a growing movement of compassionate people driving positive change for animals; helping amplify our voice and strengthen our lobbying power on behalf of those who cannot speak out for themselves.

Our team strives every day to maximise the effectiveness of your financial support for our award-winning campaigns and relentless investigative work.

We never forget that it is only because of your generosity that we can continue our work for animals. We are proud to represent animals on your behalf and stand by a solemn promise that we will not let you, or them, down.

We value your membership

We know you would choose for your funds to be used to help animals, rather than pay taxes, which is why our previous offer of a 10% member discount in our online shop and exclusive offers with our business partners have been discontinued. After becoming registered for GST, tax implications meant the universal membership discount offer was deemed by the Australian Taxation Office a 'material benefit' in return for membership payment — rather than a symbol of our appreciation as it was originally intended.

We sincerely regret any inconvenience this change may have caused, and trust that you will agree that it is made in the best interest of animals. If you have any questions regarding this change, please don't hesitate to call us on 1800 888 584.

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