Live export vet exiled for exposing cruelty

Injured on board a live export ship, he's in so much pain he can't stand. Countless animals suffer like this — and worse — on Australian vessels every year. But when a vet tried to do something about it, she was removed. TAKE URGENT ACTION!


Dr Lynn Simpson should know better than most how hard animals have it on live export ships. She spent dozens of voyages trying to help the lame, the sick, and the dying.

But when she tried to improve conditions for all animals by highlighting routine problems, the live export industry successfully pressured the Department of Agriculture to have her removed from her position.  

Watch the explosive story that aired on ABC 7.30 now.

In a report to the Department, Dr Simpson provided an honest account and graphic evidence of the conditions she'd witnessed over 11 years at sea, including cattle being smothered in overcrowded pens; covered in a sludge of wet faeces; and suffering from horrific leg injuries.

Not only have these grave problems gone unaddressed, a serious conflict of interest in the Department of Agriculture has been exposed.

Dr Simpson's story graphically reveals the control that live export companies wield over the Department and how ruthlessly the live trade will deal with anyone who 'breaks ranks' and seeks to address animal welfare issues.

The tragedy is, that animals will never be prioritised by a Government Department that is beholden to the live export trade.

Animals will continue to suffer, and authorities will continue to be pressured to cover up cruelty while this conflict of interest continues. Please take urgent action to demand that the Department of Agriculture be stripped of its authority over animal welfare.



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