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This native Australian duck didn't survive "duck shooting season". But he wasn't killed instantly. Like thousands of others, he suffered agonising gunshot wounds to his body and face — and was left for dead. It's utterly cruel. That's why recreational duck shooting is already banned in three Australian states. (If you live in Australia — click here to take action now!)



This petition plays a vital role — but you can have an even greater impact for animals today. Here’s how:

  • Follow up your email with a phone call. There's few better ways to show your MP how important protecting ducks is to you than to give their office a call and leave a short message. You can find your MP's office number here.
  • Join a rescue team! The Coalition Against Duck Shooting organises rescue teams in Victoria and you can join up here. Against Animal Cruelty Tasmania sends out rescue teams in that state; please see their website for details.
  • A single letter in a newspaper or magazine can be read by thousands. Write a short letter to the editor of your local paper about what you think of duck shooting.



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