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In Vietnam, there’s now real hope for animals who need it most.

When Animals Australia released a photograph of a lone Australian bull moments before he was beaten with a sledgehammer in Vietnam — the international outcry was palpable.

Cattle sledgehammered to death in Vietnam: Animals Australia

Headlines echoed around the world. Australians were again confronted with the brutality that has become synonymous with the shameful live export trade. In Vietnam, caring people were also shocked to learn that ‘sledgehammering’ animals to death was still happening in parts of their own country. Vietnamese authorities are now questioning slaughter practices — perhaps for the very first time.

And all this is happening at a time when Vietnam is on the precipice of drafting its first-ever animal protection laws. 

Now it’s critical that Vietnamese authorities see how a decision to pass strong animal protection laws would be celebrated worldwide. With the right will and encouragement, ‘sledgehammering’ could soon be outlawed in this part of the world. But that's not all: other animals in desperate need of protection — including dogs killed for the meat trade and bears caged for life — could soon see a brighter future.

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