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Barbaric training practices in Australia's greyhound racing industry have been uncovered in investigations by Animals Australia and Animal Liberation Queensland.

UPDATE 07/07/2016: NSW and ACT to ban greyhound racing as a result of cruelty exposed within the industry. Sign the petition to keep the pressure on remaining state governments to take strong action.

Damning evidence from VIC, NSW & QLD has implicated 70 trainers and their staff in the illegal practice of 'live baiting'.

High profile trainers and industry heavyweights were among those present when live animals were tied to lures, flung around racetracks at breakneck speeds, and mauled to death. Terrified piglets, rabbits and possums were all casualties of the harrowing training sessions. Some animals who survived their first mauling were 're-used' multiple times.

For decades, stories of live baiting have plagued greyhound racing. But despite reports and government inquiries — the ability of authorities to investigate reports has been hindered by a lack of video evidence. In a high-risk operation, investigators used surveillance cameras to obtain much-needed evidence on which action could finally be taken.

Greyhounds are naturally gentle dogs, but as 'sight hounds' they can easily be incited to chase moving objects. Cut-throat trainers looking for a 'winning' edge take advantage of this by 'taunting' dogs with tethered live animals, and tying animals — literally kicking and screaming — to fast-moving lures.

The shocking vision, which aired on ABC Four Corners, exposes a culture of cruelty and cheating, and throws into question thousands of races and millions of dollars in prize money.

Industry self-regulation is failing dismally. And while self-regulation continues, there can be little hope that live baiting will ever be eradicated from the industry.



This petition plays a vital role — but you can have an even greater impact for animals today. Here’s how:

  • If you live outside of NSW and ACT, tell your MP to ban greyhound racing nation-wide.
  • Don't give your financial support to a cruel industry that is embroiled in live baiting and that kills thousands of unwanted dogs every year. Attend animal-friendly events in place of greyhound races.
  • Consider adopting an ex-racing greyhound. These animals rarely get to leave the industry alive -- and those who do need companionship and lots and lots of love. These naturally-gentle dogs will reward you with years of loyalty and affection.
  • Pay a visit to the Animal Liberation Queensland website to learn more about ALQ -- whose investigators worked alongside Animals Australia's to expose the underbelly of greyhound racing.



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