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Greyhounds are running for their lives in Macau. But we can help them TODAY.

Ruthless Australian greyhound owners have been quietly sending Aussie dogs to race at Macau's Canidrome for years. These gentle dogs suffer immensely: confined to tiny, barren cages, often injured on the rock-hard track, and killed at an alarming rate — all dogs sent there will be dead within 3 years.

Animals Australia's world-first investigation has for the first time shed light on life inside the Canidrome for the 700 Australian dogs confined there. We're part of a Coalition of animal protection groups from around the globe urging authorities to close its doors.

And with the future of the Canidrome currently under review, we have a good chance of success. Add your voice today to calls to close the Canidrome and allow the greyhounds currently kept there to be adopted into safe and loving homes.



This petition plays a vital role — but you can have an even greater impact for animals today. Here’s how:

  • It's not just animal protection groups calling for the Canidrome to be closed, locals don't like the race track either. With Macau's economy largely based on tourism, and attracting visitors a key priority, they'll listen carefully to the concerns of the international community. Ask the Macau Tourism Authority to support calls for the Canidrome to be shut down, and transformed into a space that tourists and locals alike can all enjoy.
  • Macau's greyhound racing industry relies almost entirely on receiving dogs from Australia. And despite the peak greyhound body objecting to the export of Aussie greyhounds to Macau, hundreds of dogs each year are being sent there anyway. A federal ban could change their fate. Urge your MP to stop greyhound exports to Macau.
  • In Australia, 17,000 healthy greyhounds are killed every year, simply because they don't run fast enough. Much effort is being made by greyhound rescue groups to find loving homes for these friendly animals, who can make great additions to the family. Discover more about fostering or adopting a greyhound!



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