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Please help these animals by pledging never to support the fur industry.

Almost all fur in Australia is imported from Europe, the US and Asia, where animals killed for their fur are caught from the wild in painful traps, or are locked in tiny cages on fur factory farms. To preserve the 'valuable pelts', animals commonly meet their deaths by anal or vaginal electrocution, drowning, being gassed, poisoned, skinned alive or beaten to death.  In Asia, millions of dogs and cats are killed for their fur, and while it is illegal to import dog and cat fur to Australia, some of these furs are mislabeled as rabbit, fox or mink before being imported to countries like Australia and the US.

WARNING: this video depicts graphic cruelty to animals. Viewer discretion is advised.



This pledge plays a vital role — but you can have an even greater impact for animals today. Here’s how:

  • Be alert! More and more real fur is 'hidden' in mainstream clothes as trim or lining. From suit collars, hoods, revers, cuffs, glove linings, fur is being used as an accessory for many fashion items. Never just expect it to be faux fur. Test Before You Buy.
  • A growing number of retailers and designers are rejecting animal cruelty by adopting fur-free policies. Check our Fur Free Shopping List to make sure you can shop without worrying.
  • If you see an article in a fashion magazine or the newspaper about fur, speak up for animals by writing a polite but informative letter to the editor about the brutal reality for animals trapped on fur factory farms.



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