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Help protect animals from cruelty by making sure your holiday is fun for everyone. Pledge to be a kind traveller!

With a recent Animals Australia investigation documenting dogs being strangled, beaten and poisoned in the cruel Bali dog meat trade — compassionate people around the world are stepping up to ensure they make kind choices for all animals while travelling.

The great news is that there are simple and powerful ways you can help animals on your next holiday:

  • Say no to elephant rides (and carriage horses)
  • Avoid photos with wild animals like tigers & monkeys
  • Choose human performances, not 'performing' animals
  • Be conscious of what (and who) you might be eating
  • Celebrate kindness and remember that all cultures can improve the way animals are treated — and every kind traveller can play a part.

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This pledge plays a vital role — but you can have an even greater impact for animals today. Here’s how:

  • Discover more about how to protect animals from cruelty while travelling.
  • Help save dogs from the cruel Bali dog meat trade.
  • Looking for animal-friendly food while on the road? Check out the Happy Cow website and app to find kind cuisine wherever you go.
  • Dolphins and other marine animals belong in the sea. Pledge never to attend a marine park or aquarium!



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