Stop the slaughter of kangaroos in ACT!

The kangaroos who call Canberra's peaceful nature reserves home annually become the victims of a violent and unnecessary slaughter. Please lend your voice to these animals and urge the ACT government to trial non-violent population control!


UPDATE May 2016 — More killings occurred »

Every year the ACT government pushes ahead with its kangaroo 'management' cull program — approving plans to slaughter hundreds of kangaroos on reserves in and around Canberra. And every year, evidence has emerged of kangaroos facing prolonged and agonising deaths.

Tragically, it's not just adult kangaroos who are affected. When shooters kill a mother who is carrying a joey, government standards recommend that the joey be killed by decapitation or a blow to the head. Worse still, although government standards require that 'at foot' young kangaroos be similarly dispatched, these 'toddlers' are often simply abandoned to die from starvation, predation or on the roads. Most of them are still too young to have learned the basic skills to protect themselves from these dangers without their mums.

Despite the lack of definitive scientific evidence that the presence of kangaroos has a negative impact on other native flora and fauna, proponents of the plan claim that the kill is necessary to keep kangaroo populations at 'sustainable' levels. But even a Government commissioned review concedes that:

  • "Field evidence to validate the target density [of kangaroos] is currently unavailable"
  • "The [Kangaroo Management Plan] is based on the presumption that kangaroos have a direct effect on the amount of vegetation"
  • "Kangaroos do change plant diversity but the details are unclear"

Even if population control is deemed necessary after further and more conclusive reviews, no kangaroo need be injured or killed. Prior to the 2014 cull, it was recommended that Gungaderra Nature Reserve be excluded from the kill zones for a non-lethal 'fertility control trial'. In this trial, tendered by the animal rescue group Alphadog, up to 500 female kangaroos would have been treated with a fertility control drug to test a non-lethal, long-term alternative.

With serious questions about the evidence underpinning the Government’s justification for the kill, and with the potential for non-lethal management to be trialled, no kangaroo should suffer at the hands of shooters in the ACT.

The ACT government needs to hear from you that Australians don't want kangaroos needlessly slaughtered. Take action today!

Contact the Chief Minister of the ACT, the Greens and Labor ACT Ministers, and the Director of ACT Parks and Conservation, and urge them to consider a non-lethal kangaroo 'management plan', if population control is proven to be necessary at all.


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