WARNING: This video contains confronting images

Thanks for taking action!

You've helped send a strong message today. But the power you have to create change for the animals doesn't end there! Here are some other important things you can do to help save animals from cruelty:

  • There are more shocking painful procedures routinely inflicted on sheep. You didn't know? Help expose the truth!
  • Go on a cruelty-free shopping spree! There are heaps of toasty warm plant-based and synthetic alternatives to animal fibres — cotton, bamboo, rayon, modal, microfiber… Read our guide to staying warm this winter — cruelty-free style.
  • Learn about the secret lives of sheep (did you know they can learn to pick locks!?) — and discover more simple ways to help make the world a kinder place for our wooly friends.

Don't let 'out of sight' mean 'out of mind'. Please help sheep by sending this important campaign to everyone you know!

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