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Help End Factory Farming

Be a part of Animals Australia's national campaign to end the single biggest cause of animal suffering in Australia.

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Few people realise that everyday Australians have the purchasing power to put an end to the biggest cause of animal cruelty in the country—factory farming. But millions of animals continue to suffer behind the closed doors of factory farms because most consumers are still unaware of the miserable lives animals are forced to endure. You can change that by showing this ad to everyone you know.

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What they never told you... Most eggs and meat products sold in supermarkets come from factory farms. Many cruel farming systems are being phased out elsewhere in the world, but Australia is lagging behind. Next » In Australia it is legal to confine a mother pig in a barren metal crate so small that she cannot even turn around. She can be left to suffer in this crate for her entire 4 month pregnancy. Next » Piglets scream as their tails are routinely cut off (through the bone) without pain relief. Their ears and teeth may also be cut, and the males castrated — all without anaesthetic. Next » Most eggs sold in supermarkets come from crowded battery hen farms where birds are given a 'living space' smaller than an A4 piece of paper. They cannot even spread their wings. Next » Farmed animals are just as intelligent, sensitive, and deserving of joy as the cats and dogs we share our homes with. Pigs are even considered to be as smart as 3-year-old children! Next » Despite having the same capacity to suffer, animals raised for food are excluded from animal cruelty laws that protect the animals we call 'pets'. If you were to treat your dog like an animal in a factory farm, you could be charged with animal cruelty. Next »
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