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PUBLISHED ON: 27 May 2013

Fur Detective bunnyListen up, dear Watson. The animals need your help!

While a growing number of designers and retailers are making the compassionate choice to go fur-free, some are still unaware of the ghastly business of cramped cages and cruel slaughter that so many animals endure on fur farms

Often, people are being misled with claims of fur items being 'humane' or 'ethical', or only 'by-products'. Some retailers and designers don't even realise the inaccuracy of such claims themselves — quite a spot of bother! 

But helping animals in the fur trade is elementary: Fashion companies need to hear that their customers support them going fur-free.

So put on your false moustache and Sherlock Holmes hat and start investigating for animals! (Note: False moustache and Sherlock Holmes hat are optional.)

The investigation

Clue: You see an item in a store that looks like fur, especially if the fur is trim on clothing, handbags or gloves.
Fur detective action: Check the label or take the fur test.

Clue: You think the item might be real fur, or you aren't sure.
Fur Detective action: Politely approach the store manager. Ask whether the item is real fur, what animal it is from and where it comes from.
Fur Detective tip: Remember that being friendly and relaxed will help encourage constructive conversation.

Clue: You're told that it is real fur, or that they don't know.
Fur Detective action: Politely explain that you're sure their company would oppose animal cruelty and that animals farmed and killed for their fur are treated cruelly. You might want to refer to some of the information from our fur issues page. Explain that, as a customer, you do not want to shop in a store that sells cruel products and that you would enthusiastically support a decision by them to go fur-free. Thank them for their time.

Closing the case

Fur Detective action: Send a follow up letter to the store or company. You might want to use this letter as an example.

Detective's notebook

Send the details of your investigation to HQ (that's us!) and we will follow up with the company. If you can, please include:

  • Store name
  • Address
  • Manager name
  • Date of visit
  • Clothing item
  • Brand name
  • What animal the fur is from
  • 'Made in' label details

Nice work, Detective. We couldn't have cracked the case without you!

Other ways to help

  • Take the pledge to be fur-free!
  • Choose to buy from retailers and brands on the Fur-Free Shopping List.
  • Send a quick message of thanks by email, Facebook or Twitter to those companies who have made the kind choice already.

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