Thanks for taking action!

You've helped send a strong message today. But the power you have to create change for the animals doesn't end there! Here are some other important things you can do to help save animals from cruelty:

  • Click here to sign the pledge to 'Say No to Rodeos', and ask your family and friends to do the same!
  • Report rodeo sponsors. Rodeos would not be financially viable without sponsors. Animals Australia has already convinced many Australian companies, including Telstra and Kmart, to withdraw their sponsorship of rodeos in recognition of their endemic animal welfare problems.

Inspire your friends to stand up for animals suffering in rodeos. Share this important campaign so they can join you in putting pressure on governments to ban these cruel events.

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Your financial support is needed today to fund vital investigations and campaigns to protect animals from abuse. Please give generously to support Animals Australia's lifesaving work.
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